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learnpipe is changing education search. learnipe is really a search engine, a social network and a Q&A site all rolled into one. We mine the social web to help you choose a better course. learnpipe now includes details of over 175,000 courses in the United States and Canada. So whether you are looking for Cooking classes in New York, beauty colleges in LA, a great French language course in Vancouver or a Computer classes in San Francisco, you will get everything you are looking for right here on learnpipe.

Universities / Colleges / Training Companies

learnpipe includes information on over 11,500 colleges, universities and professional training providersin the United States and Canada. And not just the major universities in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto. learnpipe includes details on Career Colleges, Specialized schools, Community colleges, Technology colleges, training companies and private class providers. So start you search on learnpipe and you will get all the college information you could ever need!

Get Quick Answers from the people who know!

The great thing about learnpipe is that you can get any education question you have, answered, quickly by the community. So whether you are interested in finding out "Where should I live that's close to Berkeley?" or "What's the Machine Learning Course like in Stanford? or "I want to learn Ruby on Rails, who offers the best course in San Jose?", you will get your questions answered quickly right here on learnpipe. You can also view all the questions and answers from others interested in the classes / colleges that you are looking at. Remember, learnpipe helps you to get to the information that the college / course brochures just don't cover!

Reviews for Colleges & Courses across North America

learnpipe includes thousands of reviews for courses and colleges all over North America. The reviews help you get a great feel for what real students are saying about the college you are interested in attending. You can also see how the colleges treat prospective students by the questions they answer.

Follow Courses, Colleges, Topics & People

Supposing that you are trying to decide between several different courses or training options at different colleges. By following each course, learnpipe will give you an insight that you just don't get from the prospectus. You will be updated with new Q&A's, reviews, special offers, etc.

Students, Lecturers, Admissions, etc.

Our aim is connect you with the people who can answer the questions that you have. So when you post a question, we'll get it answered by an expert. Sometimes the best answers come from past students, other times the training course lecturers or college admissions staff.

The Community

learnpipe is a community where sometimes you are the expert and other times you can rely on the expertise of others. By joining the community and growing your network, you can speak for your college / course / training provider - you can be Mr. Art History at NYU! With your help, learnpipe puts the fun back into choosing the right course!

Any class, Any Topic, Anywhere!

learnpipe is not just for big Colleges, Training Companies or Universities - its for everyone who offers any class / course / other training option! So whether you offer Yoga classes, Advanced Machine Learning Techniques, or anything in between, we want to help more people to find the courses you offer. To get started, just register here!

You can use learnpipe for free or choose from one of our professional level accounts. You can read more about the different account options here.

learnpipe is for: students, lecturers, professors, trainers, delegates, colleges, universities, admissions, training companies ... and many more

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