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beauty courses irelandThe scale of the beauty industry is just astonishing - globally it is worth a €235bn per year. In the United States, beauty and cosmetics is the third most profitable industry (behind Pharmaceuticals and Software) and what is particularly interesting, is the beauty industries seeming ability to negate the impacts of economic meltdowns and even wars. An industry, essentially built on extracts from plants, herbs and flowers combined with cultural and religious beliefs and sold by celebrities, has seen over 100 years of consecutive growth.

So how is the scale of the makeup and beauty industry affecting career choices? And how are those choices driving demand for different types of beauty courses and makeup courses

We'll take a look at some of the more popular sub-topics that fall within "Beauty Courses & Makeup Courses" category. As usual, we are focusing only on the topics that our Google and learnpipe search traffic analysis has helped us to determine that these are the courses which account for the bulk of the courses / training in the beauty industry. We will also look at the Beauty Colleges / Makeup Colleges that are featuring most in searches for Beauty Courses. And finally, we'll take a look at some the most popular cities in Ireland for beauty training. 

We covered some of the keywords that were popular for Irish beauty job hunters in our 'Makeup and Beauty Courses - where's the traffic?' blog post. Beautician and Makeup Artist were high volume search terms. However, we suspected that those traffic figures were being inflated with searches for those services (not exclusive job searches). The top beauty related job searches in Ireland that we found were:

Beauty jobs (5,400/m)

Beautician Jobs (880/m)

Beauty career (440/m)

Beautician Career (110/m)

How to become a beautician? (58/m)

The data is showing that there is a significant interest in pursuing a career in the beauty industry in Ireland. So how is this impacting the beauty courses that are on offer?

Both makeup courses and beauty courses are showing 5,400 search queries per month. So let's take a look at some of the more popular specialised beauty course types.

Beauty Courses & Makeup Courses  - Specialised BeautyTopics

Nail Courses (2,900/m)

Massage Courses (2,900/m)

Make-up Artistry Courses (880/m)

Hair and Beauty Courses (880/m)

Nail technician courses (720/m)

Gel nail Courses (720/m)

Waxing Courses (390/m)

Threading Courses (260/m)

Beauty Courses & Makeup Courses  - Top Cities in Ireland

Where is the demand for these courses? The Google traffic showing the search volume is in:

1. Dublin

Makeup Courses Dublin (1600/m)

Beauty Courses Dublin (1000/m)

Nail Courses Dublin (720/m)

2. Cork

Makeup Courses Cork (320/m)

Beauty Courses Cork (260/m)

Nail Courses Cork (210/m)

3. Belfast

Makeup Courses Belfast (320/m)

Beauty Courses Belfast (260/m)

Nail Courses Belfast (210/m)

Beauty Courses & Makeup Courses  - Top Colleges & Training Companies

Joan Cashman - Colour & Image Academy offers specialised Image Consultancy Courses

Gainfort Academy - Training for Irish Hair Stylists & Beauticians

Institute of Beauty Waterford - Beauty Therapy, Massage and Complementary Therapy Courses in Waterford

Institute of Beauty & Holistic Training - Professional Therapy Training

Holistic College Dublin - Advanced Therapeutic Training in Ireland

Irish Association of Holistic Medicine - Yoga, Ki Massage, Therapy & Nutrition Courses

Natural Therapy Training Centre - Massage & Therapy Courses

Jenny Sheridan - Healing Touch - Holistic Massage, Anatomy & Physiology and Aromatherapy Courses

St. Sheelan's College - Beauty Therapy, Hair & Complementary Therapy Courses in Tipperary

Motions Health and Fitness Training - Sports Massage Therapy & Fitness Courses in Dublin

National Training Authority - Beauty Therapy, Body Massage & Beauty Treatments Distance Learning Courses

Some learnpipe stats for beauty Courses as of 07-09-2011:

 1. The Number of colleges who offer Beauty Courses is: (301)  

2. The total number of Beauty Courses in Ireland is: (30)

3. The total number of Questions related to Beauty Courses / Beauty Training is: (28)