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The Asian College of Science and Technology Foundation, Inc. is a nonstock, nonprofit educational institution. All its income is channeled back to improve its facilities and equipment in accomplishing the purpose for which it was established to foster relevant and valuesoriented education and training.The school had a very modest beginning. Incorporated in 1972 as the Asian Institute of Electronics (AIE) by a man of vision, Mr. Constancio A. Sia and his wife, Mrs. Gloria D. Sia, it started operations in 1973 with only 300 students in a few rooms of the Prudential Bank Bldg. in Cubao, Quezon City. The student population grew to 6,000. AIE has gained honors and awards for the high standard it maintained and the excellent quality of its graduates, many of whom emerge topnotchers in various examinations administered by the National Telecommunications and won both local and national championship in various Youth Skills Olympics in the electronics and computer application.In 1993, AIE won the National Championship in the electronics division in the National Youth Skills Olympics sponsored by the National Manpower and Youth Council. By 1994, it garnered the National Capital Region championship in the same division and received a Rotary Club award for outstanding community service. After Two years, it again emerged champion in the Computer Servicing Category in the Metro Manila Youth Skills Olympics.In June 1995, AIE, by virtue of Department of Education, Culture and Sport accreditation, was converted into a fullfledged college, the ACSAT (Asian College of Science and Technology).The transition from AIE to ACSAT did not alter the founder&146;s compassionate vision of operating a kills and valuesoriented educational institution committed to help in the nation&146;s development through education using worldclass and international standards. It continues with its tradition of training students to acquire adequate knowledge and relevant skills meeting the needs of business and industry.

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electronics, computers, technology, science

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