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Established 22 years ago, Watsonia Publishing offers an extensive range of modular, taskoriented IT Training courseware which can be easily customised for ondemand training requirements, ideal for both instructorled training and selfpaced learning. With an emphasis solely on quality, all Watsonia course materials and exercises are carefully crafted by an experienced and passionate instructional design team well versed in all aspects of IT Training delivery. TRAINING AREAS: Databases, Desktop applications, Desktop platforms, Internet/intranet, Management and business skills, Networking, internet and security, Programming languages, Project management, Sales skills, Web development and management.
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content authoring and design, instructor-led, web-based, training materials/books, instructor-led solutions, bespoke and customised solutions, blended learning solutions, training centre resources, computer based, skills assessment and competency mapping, content libraries, publications

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