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Since its inception in 1968, Wits Business School (WBS) has produced leading individuals within the global business framework.

Until 1992 the school operated as a separate faculty within Wits University.

In 1992, the school of Public and Development Management (P&DM) was founded and both WBS and P&DM operated as independent schools within the Faculty of Management.

In January 2001 both schools were integrated into the new Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management together with the School of Economic & Business Sciences, the School of Law and the School of Accountancy.

Wits Business School is entirely postgraduate in nature, butoffers an extensive range of certificate and executiveprogrammes to experienced (but not necessarily graduate)executives.

The courses are designed to develop both individuals and companies to enhance the business industry across South Africa.

WBS embarks on executive programmes, such as the Grow Your Business programme, the Certificate of Management and Development programme and the Crucial Conversations programme to improve South Africa? socio-economic fibre as a whole.

The WBS academic faculty is drawn from a number ofnationalities including Sweden, Great Britain, Germany,Zimbabwe, Ghana, Ireland, USA and Madagascar.

Approximately half of their academic full-time staff is non South African.

The WBS visiting faculty is primarily based in the United States butthey have representation from several other countries.

In his capacity as Director of Wits Business School, Prof MthuliNcube leads the institution with strategy and precision andwithin his two year reign, he has doubled the business schoolrevenue.

Wits Business School reigns as the leading business schoolaccording to the Sunday Times Markonor survey for four yearsrunning.

This excellence is testimony to the fact that theinstitution offers training which is second to none.


The prime mission of Wits Business School is to establish and maintain excellence in scholarship in business management through the promotion of research and teaching in the various disciplines that fall under business management.

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