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Helping Salespeople Achieve Success Written Inc.â??s Salesperson Insight is a new type of personality report and sales improvement solution designed to help your sales team close more business. Written Inc. spent 10 years developing a proprietary technique, known as Written Body Language Analysis â?¢, which taps into the salespersonâ??s subconscious mind to reveal their true personality traits. With Salesperson Insight, your salespeople will learn how each of their traits is impacting their selling success, what theyâ??re communicating to their prospect through their body language and what they can do specifically to change and improve. A Different Approach to Personality Reporting Salespeople want to know if their personalities are holding them back, preventing them from building rapport or costing them sales. The personality assessments currently available for salespeople are questionnaire based and rely on the salesperson to answer questions about themselves. This method only reports on the perception the salesperson has of them, which is often very different from reality. Because Salesperson Insight is tapping into the salespersons subconscious, specific personality traits such as argumentative, idealistic, anxious, angry and inflexible can be revealed. Few salespeople look in the mirror and take an honest inventory of their personality traits, emotions and attitudes. Until they become aware of these aspects of their personality, they wonâ??t know what they need to improve, enhance or change. Salesperson Insight holds up the mirror and reveals the desirable and undesirable aspects of their personality.
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