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Klutz-Proof Cooking - Toronto

Synopsis:Those who know themselves to be kitchen klutzes will find culinary relief in this witty compilation of easy recipes. Each recipe has been selected for ease of preparation and presentation.Objectives:Enjoy homemade meals that you have cooked yourself;Identify basic cooking methods, terms, and utensils;Discover where to find tips, tricks, and valuable cooking information;Successfully feed a group of people;Structure:IntroductionOverviewObjectivesTools of the TradeBasic Kitchen EquipmentStocking the KitchenSpices, Seasoning and StaplesKlutz-Buster TipsHelpful HintsOne Pot WondersChilds Play ChiliSimpletons StewMindless Meat SauceNo Problem PastaRing around the Rosé TortelliniLamebrain LasagnaCheckpoint IIntroducing the OvenFoiled Again Blade RoastNo-Brainer Baked ChickenSimple Simon SalmonMoron-Proof MeatloafTrouble-Free TroutSkillet SimplicityAnti-Stupid Steak SubmarinesStir-Crazy Stir FryCheckpoint IISuper Simple Side DishesRice AdviceNon-Vapid VeggiesFruits Without La ... (Training Available in Toronto by Last Minute Training Corp) Klutz-Proof Cookingin Toronto

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