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ABOUT THE DEPARTMENTAt a college named after one of the most important of nineteenth-century American poets, a man known for his commitment to literary art as an agent of social and political justice, it should be no surprise to know that we believe that the study of language and literature is at the core of the liberal arts, those aspects of education that make us humane and free. English courses contribute broadly both to personal enrichment in the liberal arts tradition and to professional development in a variety of fields. The study of literature enables us to understand ourselves and other people - as individuals, as participants in our own and other historical cultural traditions, and as human beings. The Whittier College Department of English maintains a deep commitment to interdisciplinary and historical approaches to literary study. Courses in language, in various forms of writing, and in literary, textual, and cultural analysis, develop the ability to make sense out of bo ... (Training Available in Philadelphia by Whittier College) English Language & Literaturein Philadelphia

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