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Finance for Non-Financial Managers - South Africa

Overview: Accountancy & Finance is the language of business and those who do not understand it are significantly disadvantaged. In reality business finance has a few key concepts wrapped up in technical jargon which, without too much effort, the basics can be mastered. However, for those unfamiliar, the whole world of finance can be incredibly daunting. So if you haven’t been trained to prepare a budget, read financial statements, analyse figures, cut costs, etc, then this course is just for you. To assist people in understanding the world of finance, AstroTech is offering a training programme on “Finance for Non-Financial Managers”. The course covers the following key topics:Financial statements including income statement, balance sheet & cash flow statement.Understanding the trial balance.Financial decision making models.Fixed assets & depreciation.The impact of cash flow.Key financial ratios and how to interpret them.Costing including break even anal ... (Training Available by AstroTech Training) Finance for Non-Financial Managers

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Business Finance - South Africa

Business FinanceCourse Number: AP0285Category: Business SkillsDuration: 1.00 day DescriptionThis ILT Series course introduces students to the fundamentals of business finance. Students learn how to identify, calculate, and assess individual investments and investment portfolios, identify types of investment risks, calculate risk, and analyze the results. Students also learn how to calculate the future and present values of individual cash flows, ordinary annuities, annuities due, perpetuities, and investments with uneven cash flows. Course activities also cover calculating interest rates and maturity dates, establishing an amortization table, and calculating payments on amortized loans. Students also learn about the bond and stock markets, identifying characteristics of various types of stocks and bonds and their risks, and how to evaluate and invest in stocks and bonds. The manual is designed for quick scanning in the classroom and filled with interactive exercises that help ensure s ... (Training Available by ExecuTrain of South Africa East Rand) Business Finance

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Course Offered by ExecuTrain of South Africa East Rand, Alternatives:1 of 2 courses & classes

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