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Agile Project Management Whether in government or private industry, project managers face a huge challenge when confronted with continually changing requirements. How can you plan when the things keep changing? Traditional project management approaches suggest that we take a snapshot of the requirements as a baseline, and then use change control in an attempt to minimize the impact of any shifting requirements. Sometimes, however, these changes are a reality that the project sponsor has to accommodate. The new Agile Project Management methods help deal with these situations.Participants in this 3-day session will learn the techniques of Agile Project Management through simulations and examples from real-world projects that used these methods to control changing requirements. LEARNING OBJECTIVESTo provide experienced project managers with advanced understanding of the principles and techniques of agile project management, so that they will be able to identify situations where agile tech ... (Training Available in Montreal by Procept Associates Ltd.) PMAC Certificate in Agile Project Managementin Montreal

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