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The Avaal Logistics Management course is an intensive diploma program that prepares students for the challenges they will face in the multi-dimensional logistics industry. Students will learn how to integrate technology and various software packages to manage the daily functions of large-scale logistics operations. The course focuses on implementing strategies to economize the integration between divisions in an organization while exploring the concept of supply chain management and its various elements. In addition, students will acquire the necessary problem solving and analytical skills that prepare them to efficiently process large volumes of data and utilize effective decision making techniques to contain problematic situations.Course Code: Course Title:ATLSC 100 Logistics FundamentalsATLSC 102 Introduction to Information TechnologyATLSC 104 Inventory Management ATLSC 105 Warehouse Management ATLSC 106 Transportation ATLSC 107 International LogisticsATLSC 108 Supply Chain Mana ... (Training Available in Toronto by Avaal Technology Solutions Inc.) AVAAL LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT DIPLOMAin Toronto

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