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In Chris Anderson's 2004 Wired article "The Long Tail" and subsequent book of the same name, he outlined how the economics of the Internet (near zero storage costs and digital distribution) were fueling endless consumer choice. If there is any area in the education sector where endless choice applies, it has to be in IT Courses / Information Technology Training.

According to Malcolm Gladwell's book "Outliers: The Story of Success", 1955 was the best year to be born, if you wanted to create the world's largest IT companies. Why? Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were born in 1955, which meant that they were at the perfect age when the IT revolution began to take off. It seems that the "not being born in 1955 issue" is in no way discouraging hundreds of thousands of people each year from pursuing a career in the IT sector! And with this number of people looking to work in IT, the IT course options for starting / advancing your career seem quite literally, endless.

We are going to cover only a small portion of the topics that fit neatly within the broad "IT Courses" category. We are focusing only on the topics that our Google and learnpipe search traffic analysis has helped us to determine that these are the courses which account for the bulk of the training in the information technology. We will also look at the colleges that are featuring most in searches for IT Courses. And finally, we'll take a look at some the most popular locations and alternative IT course options that have a flexibility at their core.

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IT Courses - Sub Topics

We have overlaid the Google search data on our own data to list the topics in order of popularity. The mass appeal of certain topics  (ex. Microsoft Office courses) mean that they account for a significant percentage of the search volume in Ireland each month. More niche or specialised areas have lower overall search volumes but higher net spend.

1. Microsoft Training - includes courses searches such as: Microsoft Excel courses, Microsoft Access Courses, Microsoft Powerpoint Courses, Microsoft Word courses, Microsoft Outlook Courses, Microsoft SQL Server, C# courses, VB.Net courses, Microsoft Exchange Server courses, Windows 7 Courses, Windows Vista Courses, MCP programmes, MCSE certification.

2. ECDL Courses - European Computer Driving Licence

3. Cisco Courses - which includes searches for the Cisco certification programmers: CCNA, CCNP & CCIE.

4. CompTIA training - including searches for CompTIA A+ courses, CompTIA Network+ courses, CompTIA Security+ courses & certifications.

5. Java courses - includes search data for java programming courses, java7 courses, J2EE courses & Java E E 6 coures.

IT Courses - Top Colleges & Training Companies

c2 - based in Cork. Provides over 70 IT Courses. (c2)

Pitman Training Centre - Dublin North - based in Swords, Co. Dublin. Provides ECDL and other IT Courses. (Pitman)

Procad Training - based in Limerick. Provides AutoCAD (Autodesk), ECDL & Microsoft Office training courses. (Procad)

Griffith College Dublin (GCD) - based on the South Circular Road in Dublin. Offers a range of degree and masters level Computing Courses (Griffith)

Zinopy - based in Dublin. Specialist IT Technical Training Provider. (Zinopy)

IT Courses - Hot Cities

The most popular cities in Ireland for IT Courses searches on both Google and learnpipe are:

IT Courses Dublin (accounting for over 50% of queries). 

IT Courses Cork (approximately 15% of queries).

IT Courses Galway

IT Courses Belfast

IT Courses - Flexible Options

ARC Training - based in Dublin. Specialist reseller of over 4000 online courses.

Some learnpipe stats for IT Courses as of 07-09-2011:

1. The total number of IT courses in Ireland is: (3108)

2. The Number of colleges who offer IT Courses is: (69)

3. The total number of Questions related to IT Course / IT Training is: (15)