Language Courses - English, Irish, French, Spanish, German

Language Courses in Ireland

Language Courses - English, Irish, French, Spanish, German - yes, in that order! We are going to cover the European languages that are accounting for the bulk of the search traffic in Ireland month after month. We will take a look at some of the more popular terms that people are using to find the language coures that they are after. We will also look at the colleges that are featuring most in searches for Language Courses in Ireland. And finally, we'll take a look at some the most popular cities in Ireland for studying a new language.

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Language Courses in Ireland

The language courses are ranked by popularity using both learnpipe and Google search data. Overall, language training / language course related searches each month in Ireland is significant.  The data is showing that this is a very strong vertical for training. Language courses and Language classes showed a net 12,100 searches per month. So which proved to be the most popular languages in Ireland each month?

1. English Language Courses. In an English speaking country, having English language Courses as the most popular language course searched for each month, looks a little surprising. To give the full explanation as to the reasons that underpin this is outside the scope of what we are looking at here. However, two factors may be contributing to put English language courses on top - (a) The number of foreign nationals now living and working in Ireland - (b) Ireland and Dublin in particular, has for many years been an alternative destination for those looking to improve their English language skills. English Online (14,800/m), Teaching English (12,100/m), School of English - (12,100/m), English classes (9,900/m) & English courses (9,900/m), Learn English (6,600/m) & English Training (3,600/m), etc. were among the most popular English language training search terms that we tracked.

2. Irish Language Classes. Irish classes (8,100/m), Irish courses (6,600/m), Irish lessons (4,400/m), learn Irish (3,600/m), how to learn irish (3,600/m) were the most popular Irish language related seach terms that we observed. From an Irish perspective, its encouraging to see that interest in our national language is still holding strong. This is a substantial achievement, particularly, in light of the substantial social changes that Ireland has undergone in the last decade or so.

3. French Classes. In third place, we recorded French Language Classes. The most popular search terms included: French in Dublin (6,600/m), Learn French (3,600/m), French Courses (4,400/m) & French Classes (4,400/m).

4. Spanish in Dublin (4,400/m), Learn Spanish (4,400/m), Spanish Courses (3,600/m) & Spanish Classes (3,600/m) were the top 3 searches for Spanish Language Courses

5. And rounding out the top 5 is German Language CoursesGerman in Dublin (3,600/m) and German Language (2,400/m) were the most popular course searches.

The two major population centres in Ireland: Dublin and Cork account for over 75% of all language related searches in Ireland. Galway and Limerick account for a very small share of the search traffic.

So which are the main language colleges in Ireland that are featuring the most in learnpipe search results?

E.B.C College Limerick - offer a range of language courses such as 'English For Office Skills' and 'Spoken English Test For Business'

Business English from Pitman Training Centre - Dublin North is a popular course to improve your English language skills with a view to securing that new job or helping you to advance your career.

Alliance Francaise de Cork offers a range of French language courses for all levels. 

Moate Business College is a provider of excellent Spanish language courses. One of their most popular courses is Spanish for Beginners

German language courses are available from the The Language Institute which is based on Dominic Street in Galway.

There is a fantastic variety of Language Courses available in Ireland. There is a course to suit every level offered by the large colleges right down to private tuition from expert language speakers. So what are you waiting for? Dive right in and find your next language course right here on learnpipe!

Some learnpipe stats for Language Courses as of 09/15/2011:

1. The total number of Language courses in Ireland is: (1946)

2. The Number of colleges who offer Language Courses / Classes is: (116)

3. The total number of Questions related to Language Course / Language Training is: (57)